API Alliance Gapzo The Perks of Carnival Cruise Lines

The Perks of Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Line opened its doors to holidaymakers in 1972 under the leadership of Ted Arison, It is now owned and operated by Carnival Corporation.

The company has a fleet 24 vessels, and its current operations account for 21.1 % of the worldwide market share. Carnival Cruise is based in Doral Florida and is credited to have started the concept of shorter, less expensive cruises.

Carnival Cruise Lines Lifestyles

Carnival Cruise Line’s ships are known as the “Fun Ships.” Now, this is because the action on any of the Carnival Cruise Ships is full-spirited and never-ending. In fact, Carnival is not only the largest but the most successful cruise line afloat.

The lifestyle on Carnival’s ships mimics the fast-paced, glitzy life in Las Vegas. Carnival markets its ships to average travelers and does not pledge a luxury experience. Nonetheless, the quality of the cruise and cabins as well as the entertainment is as good as the price you pay.

Carnival Cruise Lines Passenger Profile

Carnival has designed Cruise packages that will appeal to cruisers of all ages. While many tend to think that the “fun” image is solely meant to attract the young generation, average passengers aged 45 and above can fit in.

Carnival Cruise Lines would make an incredible choice for first-time cruisers, mixed generation families and singles as well as couples in pursuit of a good time in a glamorous and glitzy ambiance. In other words, you’ll most likely hang around fun-loving cruisers 24/7.

Carnival Cruise Lines Accommodations and Cabins

Carnival’s ships are designed to appeal to the mainstream cruiser. The ships have multiple cabin categories, some with no windows while others have balconies and suites. The cabins are relatively spacious and can accommodate two people.

The Carnival’s Very Important Fun Person Reward Program (VIFP)

Carnival Cruise Line has launched a reward program known as the VIFP. Members earn points by taking cruises. Every one cruise day makes you one VIFP point. The more points you earn, the faster you will be upgraded to the next level of the program.

The Very Important Fun Person Reward Program has five levels. Blue for new cruisers followed by Red, Gold, and Platinum as well as Diamond.

Benefits of Joining VIFP

  • You get rewarded with collectible Carnival goodies
  • You qualify for an invitation to member’s only cocktail reception
  • Priority boarding
  • Priority Spa reservations
  • Complimentary wash and fold

Bon voyage!