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7 Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Wedding Planner

Most people would advise you to get a wedding planner but what most realize is that those wedding planners have relationships with bands, photographers, caterers and what not, and more often than not charge you a premium for those services and get their own margin.

Sure they behave like this works in your advantage because they can get you supposed discounts but no one is better at negotiating then you are and without all the extras they saddle you up with you can probably do it a lot cheaper yourself.

Every post on the internet that comes up with reasons that you don’t need a wedding planner is rather sarcastic in nature, making you feel like you must have a wedding planner but in reality, it isn’t all that hard so here’s a quick checklist for you:

  • Location for the reception
  • Wedding rings
  • Photographer
  • Possibly church booking
  • Location for the after party
  • Food & drinks
  • Wedding gifts
  • Music/band

That pretty much sums it all up, if you ever gave a party before then you know what it takes and a wedding is no more than a big party with a reception and a ceremony upfront to make sure the actual wedding takes place.

Obviously, make sure your guests are informed upfront about the time they are expected to be here or there, so you might want to assign one of your friends the role of organizer for the day and let everyone know in advance who that person is before your magical day.

You can even list his or her phone number on your wedding invitation in case they forgot some details or are late for your wedding.

Last time when my brother married everything was very straight-forward and there was little planned at all besides the appointment at the church because his wife is Catholic. So we met at his home, drove in a stout to the church, completed the ceremony, went to a restaurant to have lunch, and went on a boat ride afterward, obviously we had plenty of beer with us and at night we simply went to a grand cafe for dinner and an after party.

Easy right? All this didn’t take more than a day of planning so do you really need to hire a wedding planner that charges up to a thousand dollars for this? I don’t think so!