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Practical iPhone Accessories to Own

The iPhone accessories market is as vast as they come. And because your phone is part of your life, you can make the most out of it with these accessories.

A Portable Projector

An iPhone projector offers a convenient way to share your phone’s screen. With one in your possession, you can enlarge images by up to eight times or more depending on which model you choose. Most smartphone projectors are handy so the fun doesn’t stop, irrespective of where you go. Visit SelectedBest.info to view a hand-picked selection of the best portable projectors to use with your iPhone, iPad or laptop.

A Case

Your iPhone must have cost you a few hundred dollars, so it makes perfect sense to protect it with a case. A good cover should keep dust and fingerprints at bay to ensure that your phone maintains a clean look. Also, the case protects your phone from scratches and bumps that come with using your phone every day. Most covers are thin and stylish so they won’t add weight or bulk to your phone.

A Portable Power Bank

The last thing that you want to experience is a phone that’s running out of juice when you want to make an urgent call. So, instead of carrying an extra battery for your iPhone, invest in a portable power bank to recharge your phone anywhere. Most power banks are compact and can comfortably fit in a pocket so carrying yours around shouldn’t be a problem.

Bluetooth Earbuds

These are great when answering calls in a public place or when driving. Besides, you can use them to listen to music if you’re going on a trip or commuting. The only thing that you need to do is to ensure that you choose a pair with extended battery life.

A Screen Protector

You don’t want your iPhone’s screen to get scratches. Other than damaging the overall look of your phone, scratches also affect the screen’s responsiveness. With a screen protector, however, you don’t have to worry about keys in your pocket or light falls.

The Bottom Line

There is so much you can do with your iPhone if you get the right accessories. So, consider investing in a few accessories to help you maximize your phone’s potential. Others include a lighting cable to charge your phone and a multi-port wall charger. A dock is a brilliant accessory too, especially when you want to keep your phone in an upright position on your desk.