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Consistency: A Key Ingredient of Instagram Fame

Let’s say you were too enthusiastic 3 months ago when you posted a streak of quality posts 3x a day on Instagram. With a hopeful spirit, you want to be Insta famous.

But let’s say that enthusiasm died. Although you still want to be famous on the social network, you’re exhausted.

So, do you simply let it die and hope you can pick up the pace soon?

You don’t. If you want fame, you need to be consistent.

The Importance of Consistency

Consistency is important because it delivers the message that you’re going to be around for a long time.

The majority of Instagram users don’t want to follow other users who are not consistent. They consider it as a waste of time.

If you’re consistent, Instagram users will also see you as trustworthy — but of course, only if you’ve built your reputation that way.

Looking at a person’s reputation is a smart approach because it lets you in on his history. If he has done good, his character seems pleasant to engage with. Meanwhile, if he has committed a lot of offenses in the past, consider it a red flag.

Think of consistency as leverage. If Instagram users want to follow and look up to you, they want to have leverage. They want to know that you’re trustworthy.

How To Be Consistent on Instagram

To be consistent on Instagram, you simply need to keep up with what you’ve been doing. For example, if you’ve been posting content 3x a day for the past week, you should continue the habit.

On the other hand, consistency doesn’t mean that you should be blind to faults. If you’ve identified a wrong approach, be willing to correct it immediately. And then start over.

For example, you realized there’s no long-term value in following a bulk of random Instagram users. So, you stop — as soon as possible. Let’s say you rectify the problem by only following Instagram users according to the rules of geo-targeting from that point onwards.

Help From Automation Tools

And while many people recognize the importance of consistency, not many people are able to follow through. It’s human nature to get exhausted, after all.

But rather than give in to the human nature explanation, why not use automation tools?

There are many kinds. One of them is a schedule management tool.

It can allow you to upload content, and then schedule when the content will be posted. With this, you can stay consistent without having to access your account daily.

Final Thoughts

Getting fame rewarded to you on Instagram needs work from your end. And if you’re willing to put in the work, fame is yours for the taking.

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