Consistency: A Key Ingredient of Instagram Fame

Let’s say you were too enthusiastic 3 months ago when you posted a streak of quality posts 3x a day on Instagram. With a hopeful spirit, you want to be Insta famous. But let’s say that enthusiasm died. Although you still want to be famous on the social network, you’re exhausted. So, do you simply […]

Can You Make Money On Instagram?

Of course, you can. You see, the numbers behind Instagram are mind-bending. To begin with, this platform has over 800 million active users on a monthly basis. Now, that’s nearly three times the United State’s population. Daily active users stand at 500 million users not to mention that about 2 million Instagramers advertise every month. […]

How to Get Most Out of Your Instagram Bots

With Instagram bots you can automate processes such as liking and commenting. On top of that, bots help draw followers you’re targeting with your content. But, how do you make sure that you get maximum value for your investment? These tidbits will guide you. Don’t Push Your Bots Too Much Know your limits even as […]