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What is Web Design

To design is to “decide upon the look and functioning of, typically by making a detailed drawing.” But what a web designer does should be taken into context as schematics and planning on paper alone don’t quite cut it. If you’re considering creating a website or blog yourself and want introductory information or are simply curious, keep reading to learn about what web design is.

Web design in a nut-shell

Before a web page is created, it must be drafted. The function of each modular piece should be planned out. The respective functions, of course, are decided by the purpose of the site and made to the specifications of the individual designing or making the request.

The look of the site is really what design is about and that is determined by multiple factors, the most important being whether the site is for professional or casual viewers. A business organization and a fashion blogger will have quite different web designs.

Essential elements of good web design

The theme or template is the arrangement of the graphics, texts, and advertisements if there are any. The idea when creating a layout is to present all the needed information clearly and concisely without clashing or distraction from the rest of the page.

The colors like the layout itself depend on the purpose of the site. Utilizing different fonts can change the mood of your design. Be sure to look at “web-safe fonts” when choosing if you’re designing your page yourself.

The content is the soul of your website. This can be anything, but the trend seems to be organizationally focused blog posts or curated from others in your niche. If your design is done well, your content will stand out and vice versa. If you want to start off on an excellent note, tune your content to be search-engine optimized from the beginning.

That’s the gist

Now that you understand what web design in you have a couple choices. You can use a drag and drop type site design service, set your sites towards learning to write code or hire professionals like the team at website design and development Singapore | X1. If you’re going to find another team, be sure to check the quality of their design. Ask about past projects and who they’ve coded for. A well-planned site is a site with good chances.